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"We continue adding value to our varieties by technological development"
  • Why Us?

    Why Us?

    We do what we know best. AR TARIM only engages itself in the area of potato and seed potato production.

  • Vision


    To increase local production we take part in all steps of the seed potato production chain and as an ambassador to all producers, consumers, and public institutions we strive for good reputation and leadership.

  • Mission


    Adhering to our company values whilst introducing our varieties under the best conditions to producers in the potato industry we are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and society. Responding to the changing needs of our industry we will continuously develop promising varieties in order to be part of all producers’ product ranges.  When doing this we create training policies for producers, suppliers, and our own staff in order to be representative for a well-educated, professional,ever-evolving, and innovative workforce.

  • Core Values

    Core Values

    * We feel responsible – CSR !
    * We are customer focused and always keep improving !
    * We serve you !
    * We act righteous, always !
    * We have a passion for winning !
    * We are a team !
    * We act fairly and with integrity !
    * We create win-win situations !
    * We care !

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  • Customer Approach

    Customer Approach

    We put ourselves in our customer's shoes and make their decision criteria part of our business approach. Their criteria coin our processes which are subject to continuous scrutiny.

About Pattisman
“A potato hero!”
Happy Customers
Comments from our happy customers.
When you mention potato seed in Turkey what comes in to mind first is AR TARIM’s unreached customer service by delivering on time, the quality promised which also applies to supporting growers using locally certified seeds. Maintaining this business attitude has helped companies like ours providing seeds to grow and reach success together. AR TARIM has put high success goals and the strive for being one of the best, which makes me very happy to work with them.
As a leading company in the potato seed sector AR TARIM has always backed us by caring and solving our issues rapidly. Due to the high quality and high yield seeds provided we consider the AR TARIM team part of our family and are more than happy to work with them.
We have been doing this business for many years and are happy with the quality and yield of AR TARIM seeds. Their after-sales service and attitude to responsibility for their seeds are of great advantage to us.
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