Ekrem Suad Sadak


Managing Director

Korel Aklan


Chief Operating Officer - COO

Özlem Yeşilyurt


Financial Control Director

Fatmagül Karaçil Canbolat


Marketing and Communications Manager

Oğulcan Özgen


Logistics & Out-Bound Quality Head

Mustafa Bozkurt


Production & In-Bound Quality Head

Emre Özdemir


Procurement Manager

Nuh Okan Bakır


Sales & POR Department Head

Murat Evciler


Logistics Assistant

Muammer Korkmaz


Production Manager

Neslihan Ermiş


Business Support Expert

Gökhan Yıldırım


Accounting Specialist

Golden Rules


As a team member I feel responsible for my tasks.

This means I analyze them, I compare my performance and communicate this to my team leader. I am the master of my own professional destiny.


I am trustable by delivering in time.

My appearance and language makes me a pleasant person to work with. I transmit confidence. Thus I am the perfect representative of my team and company internally and externally.


I ask my fellow team members in an educated way for constructive criticism and listen carefully.


I understand that my work affects others.

Therefore I am of support for others, don’t hesitate to ask for help in case of need and finish my work only when the daily task is done.


Each person is different. I have the capability to adapt myself to various persons and situations.


My succes is very important for me since I have goals. For that I have the full support of my superiors and other fellow team members.


We don’t think in hierarchies but respect different levels of responsibilities.


I motivate myself on a daily basis and have the support of my superiors to strengthen me in my endeavors. Like this I overcome all complicated situations.


I know the company’s offer and its competitive advantage. This is what I communicate to others.


Step by step I am getting better in my duties following our team spirit. Thus also gaining the trust of the others and making mee feel satisfied with my job on a daily basis.

I am proud to be a member of the AR TARIM family.