Arizona a second early ware variety, producing high yields under various climatic conditions.

  • Uniform tuber shape and size
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Multiple virus resistances

Tuber Characteristics

  • Skin Colour Yellow
  • Flesh ColourLight Yellow
  • Tuber ShapeOval
  • Tuber SizeLarge
  • Harvest DamageMinimum Sensitive
  • Dry Matter Content17%
  • Cooking Type AB
  • DormancyAverage

Plant Characteristics

  • Maturity Second Early
  • Foliage Initial DevelopmentQuite Fast
  • Flower ColourWhite


  • Golden Nematode Ro ¼Resistant
  • Virus – YnMinimum to not Susceptible
  • Virus – Yntn (Tuber)Minimum to not Susceptible
  • Common ScabSusceptible
  • Powdery ScabVery Susceptible
  • Late Blight-TuberSusceptible
  • Late Blight-FoliageVery Susceptible
  • SpraingSusceptible
  • FusariumMinimum Susceptible
  • Wart Disease F1Resistant

Harvest and Dormancy

Harvest: Two weeks after accurate haulm killing is usually sufficient, as Arizona is minimum sensitive to black spot and to harvest damage.

Dormancy: Arizona has an average dormancy and is suitable for medium term storage (6 months) at 4°C.

Growing Recommendations

  • Certified seed-used and seeds should not be cut,
  • To produce seed potatoes sholud be 18-20 cm between rows,
  • Should be 25-28 cm for Tableware,
  • Equipment must be disinfected during planting.