AR TARIM TOHUMCULUK SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş.  was founded in 21.06.1988 by Dr. Çetin ÖZBAYRAM


On 03.11.1989 was granted by the Ministry of by Agriculture and Rural Works the status "Private Sector Research Company" for potatoes and vegetables.     


When sub-investments for seed potato breeding were completed on 13.01.1990 we received the authorization as seed potato grower. We endeavour to develop varieties under research and farming conditions, support growers with training activities and spread the good use of certified seeds in all regions where potato farming is being carried out.


AR TARIM TOHUMCULUK SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş.  is a subsidiary of AGRICO and EUROPLANT since 2015. A new and dynamic team was set up for future growth and corporate development.

Local Production Exceeds Imports

With the restructuring concluded the new team is set for expansion. Production in Turkey exceeds 300 ha together with our contract growers. Our warehouse has been modernized and sets an example in the potato sector. Despite a very difficult market AR TARIM ends the season successfully.

To improve customer service an ERP system was introduced. Human resources have undergone various development projects to be fit for the future.

Import Leader

AR TARIM regains its import leadership and must trusted company status in the seed potato sector according to a poll carried out by us. Supported Brand Awareness passes 90 %. Local seed production exceeds 370 ha.

AR TARIM sets first steps into the processing segment. Trial fields are being extended with processing varieties.

The modernization of the field equipment and warehouse continues. New quality standards have been set.

From Seed to Seed Service Company

AR TARIM puts its new service program POR into life. The goal is to maximize the customer’s yield.

Local production is being consolidated by concentration in Elite class seed production. Import leadership continues for the second year in a row.

Local production now includes out-sourced mini-tuber production and the local variety NAHITA, of the national potato research organization. Thus, AR TARIM continues on the path of its Vision.

The processing segment makes serious decisions in favour of our varieties.

We Are Part of The Processing Segment

Our market share in the processing segment exceeds all early expectations. Apart from AGRIA and JELLY, FONTANE and MARKIES have found their way. New varieties will be introduced.

Import leadership continues for the third year in a row. Local Elite class production increasing due to high demand.

AR TARIM extends its team strategically to meet future demand and improve corporate development. New service concepts are introduced by technological developments.

Mini-tuber production shows excellent results and a full roll-out starts. NAHITA will be offered the first time in the tableware market.

New Service Quality, New Varieties, Extended Leadership

Our POR service program is in full swing with its new equipment, a new mobile app and dedicated staff. Customers appreciate our dedication to increase their yield and quality.

The trust we have built made us import leader for the fourth consecutive year and demand for local seed potatoes reached highs. Investments into local production increase are under way. In 2021 300 ha of high-grade seed will be planted.

Out-sourced mini-tuber production increases for the varieties Madeleine and Nahita. Ottawa was added. Explorations and feasibility studies for own mini-tuber production facilities are under way.

11 new varieties were professionally introduced to the market. The varieties Vogue,Madeira and Otolia have caused great attention from the early beginning. In the processing segment the portfolio was extended with the variety Donata.

We gradually continue on our path of growth rationally within our CSR framework and extend our leadership towards our goals 2030.

Vision, Mission and Core Values
Drag it to the right.
To increase local production we take part in all steps of the seed potato production chain and as an ambassador to all producers, consumers, and public institutions we strive for good reputation and leadership.
Adhering to our company values whilst introducing our varieties under the best conditions to producers in the potato industry we are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and society. Responding to the changing needs of our industry, we will continuously develop promising varieties in order to be part of all producers’ product ranges. When doing this we create training policies for producers, suppliers, and our own staff in order to be a representative for a well-educated, professional,ever-evolving, and innovative workforce.
We feel responsible - CSR !
Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of our business approach and is communicated to all employees. It is our guideline on how we treat people, local communities and the environment. To ensure that all guidelines are implemented and reviewed the management meets on a regular basis throughout the year.
We are customer focused and always keep improving !
It is our prime goal to understand what our customers want and respond to their preferences rapidly in all the activities we are in. From the early beginning our theme has been to spread enthusiasm amongst our customers with our varieties and service. Customers are central to our business and we will always respect their preferences. The diversity of our customer base coins our product range and is the driving force for continous improvement to exceed their expectations and needs by innovation. We want to gain their confidence by strict control of safety, offering high quality products and solutions and a friendly relationship with our diverse staff.
We serve you !
We set very high standards for ourselves. What we expect from and control at our customer we first apply to ourselves and make them part of our active life. Only in this way we can create a company wide spirit for service. We provide access to our international network and local market knowledge to create long-lasting partnerships and look for situations where we can enhance and expand sales together into new regions and buy and build opportunities. We are a seed potato service company !
We act righteous, always !
We only recommend solutions when it is beneficial for all parties involved. This is our non-negotiable golden rule even if it has an effect on our income.
We have a passion for winning !
The management commits itself to create an evironment where each individual is being treated as an entrepreneur. With this attitude we want to create passion for winning and spirit for excellence to make change possible. Our employees know how their work is integrated in the total process to achieve our goals. They love what they do and for this reason they make a difference to common standards on a daily basis. Their spirit makes them determined to look for new solutions and take complete ownership.
We are team !
All employees are integrated within a true team and with the AR TARIM spirit truly communicated. In our team we care for each other because we know doing things together is more meaningful than individually. We respect opinions of all independent of hierarchy and treat each other with mutual respect. This is the base of our team work. The success of our customer satisfaction depends on the people working for us. Therefore we listen carefully to all constructive critisism and respond immediately. Staff input is taken very seriously since they are the ones who interact with our customers.
We act fairly and with integrity !
AR TARIM is an equal opportunities employer and values all people representing our diverse society. Employee satisfaction will be enhanced by a rewarding working environment through stable contracts and internal promotions. We want to offer our staff an attractive renumeration system according to their experience and build reward systems to thrive for improvement. Recruitment, ongoing training and a healthy working environment are key factors to build a motivated team. Employee satisfaction is evident in their faces. A happy face is what we want to show to our customers on a daily basis.
We create win-win situations !
Our supplier value chain is build by a selection of partners based on strict criteria - wether it is for products or services. We need reliable partners who understand our values and contribute to our success. Therefore AR TARIM is committed to improve standards of suppliers. With this fundamental attitude we want to cause a chain reaction. By increasing the business volume of our partners and thus creating more jobs indirectly we want to increase the positive impact on society as a whole.
We care !
We are committed to the efficient use of resources, reducing energy consumption and the use of recycled materials. Our energy consumption may it be fuel or electricity is controlled on a daily basis to minimize the waste of natural resources. We are committed to exceed all environmental laws and regulations in our country. AR TARIM is also an integral part of the society in which it operates. As a member of the community we contribute to the economic development by creating jobs and providing opportunities to local suppliers. We support local projects mainly related with children, sports, elderly people and social institutions thus giving back parts of our profit to where it came from. Therefore we concentrate our PR activities in this area since the benefit to the society is higher. With our actions we want to gain a positive impact on the society and contribute to its development thus maximizing the trust in our company and our staff.