AR TARIM TOHUMCULUK SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. was founded in 21.06.1988 by Dr. Çetin ÖZBAYRAM



On 03.11.1989 AR TARIM was granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Works the status "Private Sector Research Company" for potatoes and vegetables.



When sub-investments for seed potato breeding were completed on 13.01.1990 we received the authorization as seed potato grower. We endeavour to develop varieties under research and farming conditions, support growers with training activities and spread the good use of certified seeds in all regions where potato farming is being carried out.



AR TARIM TOHUMCULUK SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. is a subsidiary of AGRICO and EUROPLANT since 2015. A new and dynamic team was set up for future growth and corporate development.


Local Production Exceeds Imports

With the restructuring concluded the new team is set for expansion. Production in Turkey exceeds 300 ha together with our contract growers. Our warehouse has been modernized and sets an example in the potato sector. Despite a very difficult market AR TARIM ends the season successfully.

To improve customer service an ERP system was introduced. Human resources have undergone various development projects to be fit for the future.


Import Leader

AR TARIM regains its import leadership and must trusted company status in the seed potato sector according to a poll carried out by us. Supported Brand Awareness passes 90 %. Local seed production exceeds 370 ha.

AR TARIM sets first steps into the processing segment. Trial fields are being extended with processing varieties.The modernization of the field equipment and warehouse continues. New quality standards have been set.


From Seed to Seed Service Company

AR TARIM puts its new service program POR into life. The goal is to maximize the customer’s yield.

Local production is being consolidated by concentration in Elite class seed production. Import leadership continues for the second year in a row.

Local production now includes out-sourced mini-tuber production and the local variety NAHITA, of the national potato research organization. Thus, AR TARIM continues on the path of its Vision.

The processing segment makes serious decisions in favour of our varieties.


We Are Part of The Processing Segment

Our market share in the processing segment exceeds all early expectations. Apart from AGRIA and JELLY, FONTANE and MARKIES have found their way. New varieties will be introduced.

Import leadership continues for the third year in a row. Local Elite class production increasing due to high demand.

AR TARIM extends its team strategically to meet future demand and improve corporate development. New service concepts are introduced by technological developments.

Mini-tuber production shows excellent results and a full roll-out starts.NAHITA will be offered the first time in the tableware market.


New Service Quality, New Varieties, Extended Leadership

Our POR service program is in full swing with its new equipment, a new mobile app and dedicated staff. Customers appreciate our dedication to increase their yield and quality.

The trust we have built made us import leader for the fourth consecutive year and demand for local seed potatoes reached new heights. Investments into local production increase are under way. In 2021 300 ha of high-grade seed will be planted.

Out-sourced mini-tuber production increases for the varieties Madeleine and Nahita. Ottawa was added. Explorations and feasibility studies for own mini-tuber production facilities are under way.

11 new varieties were professionally introduced to the market. The varieties Vogue,Madeira and Otolia have caused great attention from the early beginning. In the processing segment, the portfolio was extended with the variety Donata.

We gradually continue on our path of growth rationally within our CSR framework and extend our leadership towards our goals 2030.


Increased Local Production; Heading towards Leadership in Processing

To meet the increasing demand for our local seed, production has been increased by 40%. Our concentration hereby lies on high grade Elite Class and the multiplication from our mini-tuber developments.

Knowing that our local production is measured by high internal standards, we applied for the Global Gap Certification this year and got the certification without any issues. Thus, we are the first company in the Turkish seed potato sector to receive this official standard certification.

Our excellent industry varieties in combination with our service quality and human capital have catapulted us earlier than expected to a top position in the supply of seeds to the processing segment. We are on the way to be the number one player in this segment.

Our local variety NAHITA was sent to the Netherlands for its testing with the final aim to be part of the European PBR listing. Our shareholder AGRICO assists us in this endeavour. NAHITA is the first Turkish variety to go this new way.

Following the successful introduction of many new varieties last year, this year we have added another four. Babylon, Lugano, Bernina and Riviera. All of them have features which will meet the new challenges which lie ahead in the production of potatoes.

Our company’s aim is to be the most sought after employer in agriculture. This we see as part of our CSR strategy since this will set a benchmark for others in our industry and thus increase the respect for people. We wanted to be a great place to work and we achieved it. Our company is now Certified™ by Great Place to Work® We couldn't be more proud of our team... Our priority is our employees...


Focus on Service & Academy Activities; LEADING BRAND Award

The year 2022 was clearly the year of our POR service reach. As promised we have widened our circle of direct support to growers and together we have been able to reach new yield records and minimize failures. Our service staff was with them from planting to harvest.

The Seed Potato Academy supported the development for better yields by organizing various events for customers and growers in general and continued the company internal corporate development with professional courses. Our quest for better agricultural practices is on its way.

Internally our new target to be the Center of Excellence for a more agile company has started and welcomed by the entire team. We will be better prepared to meet the challenges of our fast changing external environment.

Our activties in the past years did not go unnoticed and therefore AR TARIM has been awarded the “Leading Brand” Award 2022 in the Turkish Seed Industry. This gives us the motivation for following our path without hesitations.

The trust which the AR TARIM brand conveys, a hard earned position, has led us once more to the position of import leader 2022. The locally produced seed was sold out in record time. 

To create a better working environment we have moved to our new headquarter which gives us more space for team expansion and in-house training.


A Year of Records & Celebrations

The year 2023 marked our 35th Anniversary in two ways. Firstly, we have shown with our development and growth strategies that are we are able to change and be agile in a very competitive market and secondly, due to that we have broken the import record of Turkey and our own all-time high.

For these reasons our anniversary was celebrated with an open day in Ödemiş. We concentrated on processing varieties since our goal is to expand our number one position in that segment,too. With more than 140 guests AR TARIM had the pleasure to share its joy.

Our Center of Excellence Project which consists of infrastructure and human development is on track.

The processing area in the warehouse was expanded by an extra space and machinery enabling us to increase our handling capacity by exactly 100 %. This will lead to a faster processing of the harvest and thus a better out-bound quality assurance. The corporate development of our management team has its focus on agility and change management. All programs were tailored towards that goal. With the introduction of our "Innovation Lab" all team members meet twice a month to think only of new ideas for the future and select the best projects to be the most agile company in our industry.

The year 2023 was also a the year of our Brand Ambassadors. We have created a dedicated family of raving fans who not only promote our varieties but also take AR TARIM as an example to improve their own companies.