Quality in Seed – Quality in Service – Quality in Communication

Our philosophy of quality focuses on 3 Pillars which are Quality in Seed – Quality in Service – Quality in Communication. What do we mean by that?

Within our corporate development strategy we implement a corporate-wide culture that emphasizes a customer focus, continuous improvement, employee empowerment, and data-driven decision making to achieve excellence in all of those three pillars. Our company’s mission is very clear on that.

For this reason we align production-, service and adequate communications systems according to customer expectations.

You can find more insight into our service philosophy by reading our technical support menu In the menu of our varieties, we present to you in detail all new and existing varieties.

In this menu however, we want to highlight our understanding of delivering high-quality seed potatoes. There will be a series of videos giving you a better idea of what we are doing. In 2020 we start with our warehouse video and what we do there to deliver you the best seed. In 2021 this will be accomplished by another two videos on production and harvest. Enjoy our video and see how we handle your seed potatoes!