High Grade Seed

High Grade

Seed potato trade

We import high-class seed upon request of our customers from our mother companies AGRICO and EUROPLANT. Our varieties are among the best established in Turkey and hold the biggest market shares.They are carefully selected and meet the highest internal quality standards and those of the Turkish authorities. Upon arrival to Turkey we make sure that these standards continue to be met in order to deliver to our customers the best quality. Our tracking systems allow us and our customers to continuously monitor the seeds starting from the day they leave Europe until they end up at our customers’ desired locations.

Seed Potato Production

Seed Potato Production,

by sustainable methods

We also produce locally high-class seeds of our main varieties. Thus we offer alternatives to imports and try to reduce the input costs of our customers.Our contribution to the Turkish seed production sector is tremendous and a benchmark for those who want to follow suit. With our long-term production planning taking into account sustainable methods we follow our company’s mission.

Proccesing Industry

Processing Industry,

And processing seed supply

We are not only suppliers to the tableware segment but also have a leading position in the processing segment. Famous Turkish french fries and crisps brands have chosen our varieties. Our serious and professional approach to this highly demanding market makes us one of the most trusted seed suppliers to industry.

Seed Potato Quality

Seed Potato Quality,

Measurement research

We follow strictly the guidelines of the best practices in seed potato production. The expertise of our shareholders and the use of modern agriculture technologies are an integral part of our production methods. Nothing is left at random but controlled until our seeds end up at our customers’ fields. Even there after our service program makes sure that our customers are not left on their own.

Natural Storage

Natural Storage,


Our seeds are stored in the most unique environment. Our natural storage facilities are backed by modern control techniques and constantly cleaned. We use this method to dramatically reduce energy consumption. Our facilities are a benchmark in the region.

Potato Varieties

Potato Varieties,

Agricultural research

The breeding program of our shareholders is famous and generates varieties for the future. Challenges in agriculture are being taken into account and an holistic approach is applied.

New candidate varieties are not only being tested in their home countries but in many other countries where reliable partners are able to carry out and follow the test phases. Turkey and AR TARIM is one of them.

Variety & Agrotechnical

Variety & Agrotechnics,


We introduce varieties that will answer the future needs of Turkey’s potato production. Obviously, the yield is a big measure but we also take into account disease, drought, and salty water resistances. Some varieties have shown their special robustness under Turkish storage conditions. Our agricultural engineers carry out our adaption trials following strictly our innovation pipeline. The trial fields are in many parts of Turkey in order to allow us to evaluate the new variety candidates’ performance under different conditions.