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Adding Value to Your Production - POR

AR TARIM’s value proposition is a dedicated a framework to achieve our promise of a “seed solution company” and add value to our customer's business

It outlines our core capabilities and demonstrates our solution-driven approach to solving current and future challenges – ours and yours.Our three value-adding modules include Preparation, Observation and Revision.

Within these modules AR TARIM’s industry expertise is shared with our customers thus being in line with our vision “As a company for research, production, and trading our goal is to develop the seed sector in our country and be an ambassador to all producers, consumers and public institutions”.

To support these competencies, we have outlined key solution areas that cover a range of customer challenges as part of a fully customized approach.

Higher yields through efficient preparation


Armed with consumer-focused insights and marketing intelligence, AR TARIM delivers innovative seed solutions that enable farmers to satisfy ever-changing needs.

Our approach to innovating new seed solutions starts with a comprehensive analysis of the markets portfolio - be it the tableware or processing segment. This means examining strengths and weaknesses of all available varieties and benchmark ours with those.

We continually develop new variety solutions that allow farmers to be present in more than one region and thus increase their competitive advantage. Our own trial experiences of all our varieties in various regions of Turkey are being shared with you and thus we minimize the risk of yield losses.

To support this, we’re investing more resources in variety and field solutions than ever before. And we’re continuously expanding our offer with a growing team of technical engineers, while developing our trial fields to perfectly reflect your growing conditions.

As fields are increasingly exposed to ever changing climate and soil conditions the way of growing needs to be more flexible, individualised and agile to adapt to those changes. This can only be achieved by securing greater asset optimisation.

This means configuring the optimal long-term infrastructure that can flexibly handle any operational demand and by ensuring intelligent workflows throughout growing. In the preparation module we refer to all those challenges thus enabling you to be prepared for the seasons to come.

Higher yields through efficient observation


It is clear that the highest quality standards are an absolute prerequisite to meet today’s potato specifications. And this is only possible with an optimal production setup and perfectly harmonised processes from planting to harvest.

In today’s competitive environment, businesses are under growing pressure to increase output, improve margins and optimise assets. This means it’s crucial to get the most out of the field while driving down costs.

At AR TARIM, we’re continually innovating our systems to deliver smarter growing solutions and technical services that perfectly match our customer needs. Using data and automation, together with our production engineering know-how, we can transform fields into intelligent ones that ensure the highest efficiency, flexibility and quality.

Our experience during the execution module means we provide everything from planting solutions, deviation measures to prevent losses and optimised harvest and storage suggestions.

If you need to optimise one or more of your growing processes, AR TARIM provides intelligent ideas that identify and unlock your hidden potential to improve yields.

Higher yields through efficient revision


Businesses need more valuable and intelligent insights that truly understand the outcomes of their activities. They need solutions that can easily provide valuable data for improvement of all processes.

Our third module has been prepared to meet that final challenge. In a fiercely competitive market, businesses need to build analysis systems or they fall behind.

With higher competitive pressure and consumer demands, businesses need to find new ways to reliably manage their supply chain and ensure visibility at all times to guarantee efficiency, control and safety.

The key is using analysis and control methods in combination with technology effectively.