A question to the General Manager:
If we invest highly in our team’s training and they leave one day what will happen then?
General Manager: If we don’t invest in them, and they stay what will happen then…
One of AR TARIM’s main strategic pillar is to invest in the development of its employees...

Our employees are,
our InspIrers…
To the AR TARIM family we invite people open to innovation and prone to team work.
The members of the AR TARIM family have strong communication skills, embrace and complete their jobs, are open to innovation, development and are customer and quality oriented.
With our new investments we focus on the development
of our employees.
We act with the notion that competitive advantage is being achieved by investing in brainpower.
We support academic activities which contribute to our employees ‘professional development, continously give training to rise group dynamics and thus foster employee productivity to top levels to maintain sustainability.
We increase our employees' motivation and
loyalty to the company.
We follow up a transparent and honest management policy. In order to have loyal employees instead of dependent ones we promote motivation fostering policies.
We create a pleasent working environment for our employees. By quickly responding to all of our employees demands and considering their opinions we aim to use manpower in the most effective way possible.
We support sustainable
performance polIcIes.
We believe in goal and competency based performance assessments and evaluate progresses of personal developments accordingly.
If you say ‘‘I want to have this spirit too’’ we are waiting for your applications. Your applications are important to us and will be responded to.