Madeira smooth, nice and suitable for packing combined with very high marketable yields.

  • Yellow flesh colour
  • Very attractive oval tubers
  • Very high marketable yield
  • Excellent suitability for packing

Tuber Characteristics

  • Skin Colour Yellow
  • Flesh ColourYellow
  • Tuber ShapeRound Oval
  • Tuber SizeLarge
  • Eye DepthVery Shallow - Shallow
  • Dry Matter Content%18
  • Cooking Type B
  • Mechanical DamageVery Low – Low

Plant Characteristics

  • Maturity Medium Early
  • Youth DevelopmentRapid
  • Flower ColourWhite


  • Golden Nematode Ro ¼Resistant
  • Common ScabMedium Resistant
  • SpraingResistant
  • BruisingMedium  Resistant

Harvest and Dormancy

Harvest: Standard

Dormancy: Very dormant, suitable for long-term storage

Growing Recommendations

  • Certified seed must be used,
  • Seeds should not be cut,
  • To produce seed potatoes 18-20 cm between rows,
  • Must be 28-30 cm for tableware,
  • Equipment must be disinfected during sewing,
  • Mechanical damage must be observed,
  • Seed spraying should be done