Laura medium early, red skinned, mainly firm cooking ware potato.

  • Deep yellow flesh colour
  • Longoval, true to shape tuber with shallow eyes
  • Aromatic taste
  • Good storability

Tuber Characteristics

  • Skin Colour Red
  • Flesh ColourDeep Yellow
  • Tuber ShapeOval
  • BruisingLow
  • Eye DepthShallow - Shallow
  • Dry Matter Content20,4%
  • Cooking Type B
  • Mechanical DamageMedium

Plant Characteristics

  • Maturity Medium Early
  • Youth DevelopmentRapid
  • Flower ColourWhite


  • Golden Nematode Ro ¼Resistant
  • Virus – YnResistant
  • Virus – Yntn (Tuber)Resistant
  • Common ScabLow Resistant
  • SpraingLow Resistant

Harvest and Dormancy

Harvest: Needs app. one week longer to achieve skin stability; classic storage variety, should be completely dry before washing.

Dormancy: Good dormancy.

Growing Recommendations

  • It is preferred to grow in good soil,
  • Planting depth should be compared to normal local standards.
  • Planting distance should be 3,800 bt / for plant density of 35/55 mm depending on plant density.
  • Within 3-4 days before planting; it is recommended to encourage sprouting.