Tableware, Constance

Medium early variety for the baker and retail market with a bright yellow skin and yellow flesh colour

Oval round tubers with shallow eyes and uniform size

A rather firm cooking potato with an excellent cooking and baker quality, with a moderate dry matter content

Good heat tolerance and good virus resistance

Variety Characteristics
Cooking Type
Flesh Colour
Light yellow
Skin Colour
Dry Matter Rate
Tuber Shape
Oval round tubers
Eye Depth
Shallow eyes
Tuber Size
Uniform size
High Marketable yield
Medium Early
Frequency of Flower
Quite often
Colour of Flower
Frequency of Green
Quite often
Resistances to Diseases
Resistance to Virus Diseases
High resistance of Potato Y
Resistance to Bacteria Diseases
Medium resistance to Erwinia and Common Scab
Good storability
Growing Recommendations

• Certified seed must be used and  seeds should not be cut,

• To produce seed potatoes 12-20 cm between rows,

• Should be 26-28 cm for tableware

• Equipment  must be disinfected during planting

• Mechanical damage must be observed,

• Seed fertilization should be done,