NAHITA On The Way To Europe

The national variety NAHITA developed by NİGDE NATIONAL POTATO RESEARCH INSTITUTE, for which we have the worldwide sales and marketing rights, is now being sent to our shareholder AGRICO to be included in the AGRICO RESEARCH facilities for the European PBR testing and listing.This is the first time that a national potato variety goes this way.                                                                              

After its successful presentation to an international public during the AGRICO Open Day 2019 in Adana, AR TARIM has decided despite knowing the hurdles ahead to pull this idea through and has succeeded. AR TARIM shows once more that the public sector – private sector cooperation can show fruits if both parties are serious in their endeavors and also proves that foreign investments are for the benefit of our country depending on the management's attitude.

AR TARIM cooperates with ANKAFAR in Ankara for its mini-tuber production of many other varieties and the latter was also the provider of the plantlets of NAHITA which are shipped to EUROPE. The integration of AR TARIM’s high-grade seed production into all the steps of the seed potato supply chain in TURKEY is in full swing and the foundations for future investments are backed by its shareholders AGRICO B.V (Netherlands) and EUROPLANT GMBH (Germany).