Stuffed Potatoes With Meat

Ingredients :

​6 Potatoes

300 grams of Lamb Meat

2 Bulbs of Onion

2 Cloves of Garlic

3 Green Peppers

2 Soupspoons of Paste

2 Tomatoes, enough amount of oil

Salt, Pepper and Water

Preperation :

First we peel our potatoes and cut them into three. We carve the middles out and give them a bowl shape. We keep the parts we carved out because we will use them to make caps. Now we cook in oil in half thickness.

We slice our lamb meat into small pieces. We slice our onion and garlic for edible. We pour oil in a small saucepan and roast the sliced onion and garlic.

We add the meat and some amount of the paste on it. We add enough amount of water and close the lid and cook. Just before fully cooked we add our priorily sliced green peppers. We pour salt and pepper. After cooked we fill our fried potatoes with our meat mixture. We put the caps on top and align them on the round oven tray. Now we mix the rest of the paste with water and take it to a little saucepan. When the sauce gains its‘ thickness we pour it onto the potatoes on the tray. Now we can bake them in the 180 degree priorily heated oven. You can serve it after taking it from the oven.