Potato Ragout


  • 4 Big Sized Potatoes

    3 Onions

    200 grams of Minced Meat

    3 Green Peppers

    2 Red Peppers

    3 Cloves of Garlic

    4 Tomatoes, Half a Piece Parsley

    1 Glass of Water,

    Salt, Pepper, Oil

Preperation :

We peel the potatoes and after washing slice them in round shape.
We pour oil on the pan and fry the up and down sides of potatoes until they get slightly brown. We take the fried potatoes onto the tray.
We thinly slice onions, garlics, parsley, peppers.
We thinly slice tomatoes in cube shape.
We pour oil and put onions into the saucepan and roast the onions until they get brown.
We add minced meat, salt, pepper on it and well roast it.
We add the peppers and garlics we sliced and stir.
Then we put tomatoes and cook until tomatoes ooze and boil down.
We add parsleys on it.
We spread the minced mixture on top of the potatoes and add a glass of water.
We bake it in the 180 degree priorily heated oven for 30 minutes. Our potato ragout is ready to be served.