Potato Gratin

Ingredients :

8 mid sized potatoes

1 box of milk cream (raw cream) 200 grams

4-5 palms of grated kashar cheese

Grated Kashar Cheese


Preperation :

Potatoes will be peeled and sliced into thin round pieces.

They will be spread in a little rectangle pyrex. Then a box of cream, salt and 2 palms of the kashar cheese will be spreaded over and all will be mixed and stirred..

The top will be flatted and it will bebaked in a 200 degree priorily heated oven for about 35 minutes.

The oven door will be opened and the rest of the kashar cheese will be spreaded in ordert o covert he whole pyrex and it will again be put in the oven. It will be baked for about 15 mintes, until the top was fried well. Afer 15 mintes the oven will be turned off and it will be left inside the oven for 15 minutes without opening the door (to make it boil down completely). After that it will be served by slicing into pieces. It can be consumed together with chicken, fish, meat. Potato Gratin is ready to be served.