Potato Croquette

Ingredients :

6 mid sized potatoes 

4 eggs

5 match-box sized white cheese (150 gr)

Half bunch of parsley

2-3 soupspoon flour

Salt and pepper

One glass of olive oil or sunflower oil

Preparation :

Potatoes will be boiled and grated.
When they are cool, put 2 eggs, salt and pepper and mash.
They will be separated into egg-sized pieces and opened in boat-form inside the hand palm, cheese and parsley mixture will be put inside it and they will be closed. They will be compressed a little and reshaped properly.
They will be covered first with flour and then with egg scrambled with fork and fried in boiling oil until they get brown. To take out its’ excess oil they will be removed with straining ladle on to the paper.

After they are cooked you can serve the potato croquettes hot.