Haber Detay

AGRICO’s 2019 Variety Show Theme Professionalism Example AR TARIM Turkey

AR TARIM was the host company of Agrico’s Open Day 2019 in Adana, Turkey. Colleagues of 15 countries joined the event followed by a visit to the warehouse in Cappadocia. There we could show them the unique storage methods in caves, a tradition going back more than a thousand of years.

Our team was extremely proud to have international guests at our premises and considered this a reward of their hard work done in the past 4 years. The date when a complete remake of the company had started.

As a tribute to our efforts the variety show was held under the motto Turkey with AR TARIM in the highlight. Agrico prepared the variety show with attention to detail thus showing once more that professionalism has to be part of all business activities we are in.