About Pattisman
“A potato hero!”

If you wish let's start with some information you didn't know about potatoes;

• Potatoes are digestive.

•  Low in potasium and high in sodium, thus protecting cardiovascular health and helpful in case of high blood pressure.    

• A vegetable rich in selenium, potato also ensures the thyroids to function properly.   

• It is in rich manganese and therefore improves skin health and beautifies it. 

• Due to its high fiber content it makes intestines to function and become clean.

• It's effective against constipation and protective against colon cancer. 

• Its rich Vitamine B structure regulates the neuron system and is an effective vegetable against fatigue. 

• Potato is an effective virus killer and strengthens the immune system. 

• It's also rich in magnesium, iron and zinc. 

• According to studies consuming potato uncooked is more helpful than consuming it cooked. Especially potato juice is protective against liver, gallbladder and stomach diseases.   

• Purifies the body from toxins and cleans the blood; it has cell renewal characteristics.